The Sping Equinox

This is the week of the Spring Equinox, when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries on March 20. It 's the beginning of a new cycle and marks the start of spring. Yeah!!! I love to get out in the garden and plant and start a new adventure. So of course The Sun in Aries is associated with a powerful urge to create. If you think of the energy a seed needs to crack open and germinate, and to become who it will get an idea of the power that is available at this time. Wherever the sign of Aries is in your chart will be a place of rebirth and renewal. You will feel an enthusiastic desire to get moving despite obstacles. To find out how this new cycle will affect you, look at your birthchart and see which house Aries is in your chart...If you do not have one call me to get you astrolical birthchart for all the information you need in this new season! (cost $40.00)
So what are you going to create this year?????

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