Soul, Art and Nature Classes

It's your time to Shine!

I am Brenda Nickolaus the artsy one, spiritualist, photographer, naturalist, environmentalist,
 Creativity Fit Coach and Soul Art Guide.

I create a sacred space to help you connect to your inner guidance and
to live a more fulfilled and joyful life.

I love finding beauty in the world around me and I am passionate about teaching and empowering you to go out and shine your brilliance.

Living mindfully, seasonally and simply is what brings us a more fulfilled life.

Painting with the Spirit of Animals

Join me once a month for a Vision Quest and painting class

with the Spirit of the animals.

We will start with a short meditation to connect with our 

animal visitor and then paint our message, symbol.

No painting experience needed

You will be guided using 

your intuition and simple animal drawings.

They all have something to teach us.

Are you listening?

Join us, explore the wisdom and paint the animal symbol 

Owl Wisdom

January 14th, 2018

2:30 - 5:00 pm


register above and pay for your class

Tree of wisdom

Are you ready to plant new seeds?
Are you ready to sink your roots into a life you love?
Are you ready to listen to your intuition and to be more your authentic self?
Do you want to have more fun in your life?
Be more creative and adventurous?

If you answered yes to any of these, then join me as we create your Tree of Wisdom Painting. The symbol, TREE can represent your body of wisdom as we explore the root Chakra in our first class and learn more about what your dreams are for your life.

You will create a new inner landscape that will be a fertile ground for discovering YOU and creating change. Imagine Color, imagery and symbolism, and maybe your guides will show up and offer some guidance through a beginning meditation.

Trees can symbolize strength, family, a home to come to, a place to sit and reflect. We can explore the Root Chakra that reaches out into our lives, into stories and beliefs that may not be are your own, or that do not align with your truth that is your most authentic self.

This creative workshop is an opportunity for you to explore the symbol that is the TREE OF LIFE through our Root Chakra and intentionally and creatively plant your seeds that serve and resonate with YOU and then you can grow into your fullest expression in your life. 

Join me every Wednesday as we travel the Chakras and learn more on how to identity and work with our energies to create the life we want. You will grow and discover more of the magic that is you as we add layer after layer through this 5 week workshop. 

After a meditation to connect to our intuition and inner oracle We will be working on canvas and in our Art Journaling/mixed media.

It's a great way to start creating your own green, fruitful and nurturing TREE that is your LIFE!

No art experience necessary. 

DATE:January ...
Location: Village Art Studios, Tequesta
PRICE: 5 classes $175 all supplies are included.

For more information, call Brenda Nickolaus 561.262-2727

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