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It's all about the Pine Cones!  I love Pine trees and listening to the wind in the trees. we are also watching for the falling pine cones just another melody in our little Pine forest out back. It's the sound of falling pine cones. Dropping from their perches high above, as they are grazing branches and pine needles they make their way to the ground. It does happen frequently, being mindful and after a few startles and 'what was that?' glances, the sound settles into the normalness of the forest activity. And as you can see, they make themselves right at home, dreaming of someday becoming the mighty trees they fell from. They also lend themselves to lots of ideas to explore. We love to gather baskets full for arts and craft time. 

Still Life with Flowers

I am always looking for garden art and ways to get families involved in going outside and enjoy nature. I found this article on Family fun and thought it is a great way to showcase some of the flowers in our butterfly garden at work

 (Busch Wildlife Sanctuary)!

I am going to get the Jr Naturalist to make one!

 A recycled picture frame turns favorite blooms into objects d'art. Use the stake to support a climbing plant or move the frame from flower to flower to create a rotating gallery. Be sure to note the name of your floral masterpiece on the erasable title sign.

Materials you will need,

Paintbrush Black acrylic paint, Scrap-wood rectangle (ours measures 3 by 6 inches), Hammer, Chalk

1 1/4-inch wire brads, 3/4-inch-square wooden garden stake, Picture frame (recycled or new; ours measures 11 by 13 inches)

Simple Instructions

Paint the scrap-wood rectangle and let it dry.

Nail the stake to the back of the frame, using at least two brads.

When its paint is dry, nail the rectangle to the stake below the frame.

Use the chalk to write the title of your artwork on the sign.


Super cute post it note holder! A simple yet cute gift to give someone special.... just because!!!

I just finished some post it note holders! I am getting ready for season in S Florida,

and going to sell these at my studio and local craft shows. 

They would make great gifts for friends
coworkers...etc...I'm thinking $ sell on etsy store too.

these are so “super easy” to make! I just kept going.  Lots of pretty papers and
Fueling my addiction was my discovery of these adorable animal embellishments at Walmart!

I am planning on teaching how to make these at our next art class!

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Love the wigglie eyes!!!


Happy Valentines day!  here is a great valentine from my friend Michele.  I have been following her posts for so long and respect her growth in her own journey and I am inspired by how she incorporates the sacred with the everyday life.  Please visit her page and show some love!

I saw her post on facebook today and I remember making these little hearts with my art classes and my girl scout groups and it can get a little frustrating at the end, but it is so worth it and so cute. 

I love how she asks you to weave your intentions into the heart as you are making it.  click the link here- heart craft for the instructions and enjoy crafting your hearts desire! 

Love My Business Valentine


Gifts of Love

We are having another wine tasting at our the Village Art studio in February 16th 2013 for a local charity and I'm looking for ideas for the corks. I found so many on pintrest but really love this one for the holidays!  to get people talking....

  Cork Trees!!!   These adorable small trees make good use of all those wine corks we will be collecting during the holidays! Or, if you don't drink wine, just get the word out to friends and family and ask them to save them for you.  (Sometimes you can get them at restaurants!)

To make these trees you will need:

•18 – 24 corks (depending on how big you would like your tree to be)

•Glue gun and glue

•A 2" piece of a 2" diameter stick (from your yard) or a cut wooden dowel.

•Acrylic or water based paints

•Bits and pieces to decorate your tree

1.Start with four corks and glue them together to make the base of the tree.

2.Add five corks to the next level, letting them hang over on each side slightly.

3.Continue adding four, then three, then two, then one cork to each layer (start with three corks on the bottom for a smaller tree).

4.Randomly paint the ends as desired.  ( I painted my silver and gold!!!)

5.Decorate with ribbon, fabric, buttons or any notions you may have.

6.Attach the tree to the 2" base.


August 2012

Lucky me, sand dollars I found at a local store last year!    I had fun painting the ocean scenes
and I had some with dolphins and turtles but I sold out last year.
so, I looked around on line and found some wholesale and  I ordered a box of 100!

I love the look and hope others will too!  It's a great gift for the beach lovers out there.

I have been painting away getting ready to add these to my art shop and my etsy shop too!

June 8th, 2012

I have been seeing dragonfly's everywhere. I have been able to capture some in photos. It is amazing all the colors they come in. They are So beautiful and magical.

I painted one on a little garden stool. I wanted it to look like he just touched the water to make the ripples.  I got the idea when I saw one hit the pool water the other day!

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************June May 4th, 2012

I am definitely digging into the recycle bin this week to up-cycle plastic bottle caps. I have been saving

them in a jar on the counter and have many sizes to choose from! super easy!

Many of our recycle companies won’t  take these caps so I found some really cute animal stamps

and using my trusty 1'hole punch, I think this is the perfect way to up-cycle them. will post a pic soon!


A page a day World Card Making Day - October 1st!!!

Inspired by Hope's little December Daily book hope, had some great prompts so, I started gathering paper for my own little journal.   I thought about some daily scrap booking - I want a mix of diary, calendar and scrapbook. I wanted to play with  different paper and techniques every month.

I have been rummaging through my paper collection and having so much fun and I am looking forward to  recording something on these pretty papers in the evening.  It will be a nice daily check in and a great way to keep up with my dreams and findings. 
Finally all the ephemera collecting, paper sorting and inspiration-file-making has a creative outlet and I am going to get back into my card making a month and/or some tag making.


I had to work yesterday but wanted to post this card I am making for Halloween and I decorated a jar to put some candies in it for work...

Halloween at Busch Wildlife is aways so much fun! 
I am painting this for  the pumpkin patch! 
I asked Robert at work to cut this out for me from a piece of old pine and got to painting...




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