A Magical New Year

As the year 2010 comes to a close, I am cleaning up all things Christmas and putting the ornaments away.  I have some new art journals I made and my calender near by with pen in hand...I have been spending a great deal of time reflecting on what has passed and thinking and planning for the new year, Okay...a little bit on overdrive…but I am wanting to share what I have been learning and to share the love of creating and Mother Earth.   I read an article on  numerology for this new year of 2011 and applying  the tarot... we are starting the Emperor year. I feel he is about grounding all the things I have put into motion through the last year.  So now I feel like the art opportunities and spiritual teaching creating ideas through the Healing Arts and Art of Self Discovery Life coaching that were started this year can really take root this year...a little scary and it is a very strange feeling, but I know we all have many exiting opportunities to make our dreams a reality in 2011…its going to be an amazing year I can feel it! So YAY for us!!! 

Like many of you I try to make a few New Year resolutions, promises to myself, action steps to reach my goals...As you prepare your intentions for 2011, here are some of the questions I am asking myself to help realize what I have accomplished and what I can do to reach my goals.  I have come up with some questions and added them to the the Art of Self Discovery Life coaching. (I think they are great ways to stay in touch with your goals anytime of the year.)

Here are  8 questions to ask yourself and journal about to help you gain clarity for next year...
1)What did I enjoy and love about this year?
2)What did I accomplish professionally and personally?
3)What challenges did I face? 
4) How did I apply my Creativity to the world?
5)What did I not get to this year that I want to do in 2011?
6)What are my main priorities and areas of focus for 2011? 
7)What 1-3 behaviours do I need to change and what 1-3 action steps to accomplish these?
8) How will I celebrate the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 with inspiration, creativity and fun!?!

As I journal my questions and answers for my own personal yearly recap. I take out my calendar, and I list my blessings and wins for the past year and celebrate them. At the same time, I refuse to let my disappointments cloud my thinking. I then look forward to the New Year ahead and begin to set my intentions and vision.

Now we need to go create a quiet sacred space, (outside in nature is great)  put on some music, light a candle and take time just for you to reflect on the joys of 2010 and the infinite possibilities awaiting you in 2011!!!!

I am enjoying the Hummingbirds around my house for the past
couple of months and I was able to capture this little one's photo for you!
I think this is a great animal totem for the coming year. 
Hummingbirds represent Happiness.  "They can teach you
how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances."
(animal Speak, Ted Andrews)
I am Wishing you all a fabulous and magical New Year whatever you will be doing and remember no matter what this year has been to you, celebrating life, friends and family is the most important.

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