Rainy Day Thursday

For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Wow, the weather took me by surprise today!  I went to work to do a wildlife tour with 75 1st graders, all went well until we went out on the Pine Land Trail to see our 2  Florida Black Bears and out of no where, we heard a crash, felt the rain and the wind picked up everything on the trail and threw it at us!!!  The Pine Trees where swaying and then the limbs of trees and the pinecones started coming down, needless to say they were a little, (well allot scarred, kept talking about tornadoes, ---kids...,gotta love em' ) we got them calmed down and then loaded them up safely on the buses. Going back to the office the tempeture even dropped about 15degrees quickly, yes it gets cold here too!lol

Went home to a dark, rainy day here in South Florida...but I can sit and listen to the rain all day! And listening to the wind....it's so cool with the wind whistling in the pines overhead.   Today I'm going to relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy the rest of my afternoon safe at home and listen to the peaceful rhythm of the rain. Maybe at some point I'll get the urge to clean off my kitchen table (crafts!)... but then again, maybe not.
I have to use my 'bear cave' time wisely on days such as this. I don't want to waste a minute!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Mr. Weatherman missed the forecast, huh? I love listening to the rain, too.

Nikki ~ Let's Craft!! said...

Hey there, I wanted to let you know you won a prize pak over at my blog, YAY!!


email me with your address!!

~ Nikki