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Week of Dollar Store Projects - Mini Album

Today I am starting a week of projects and tutorials on my blog featuring items I found at the local dollar store. They have lots of amazing little things to craft with!  and Like I have said before I enjoy finding cheap items and turning them into something crafty. Today I am going to start with something a little familiar - scrapbook paperpack of 8 sheets($.25 really!)
I started this project with an empty cereal box for the pages.  Where a normal person might see as gargabe  I get excited and see "cheap chipboard"!

1. Take the box apart by cutting carefully with a craft knife.
2. Sand down the rough edge

3. Measure the size of your pages and cut paper to that size - these were 4x4

4. Adhere the paper to the chipboard pages. I am using modge podge to try it out  but any adhesive will work. I go over the top of it with a rub on tool (or bone folder) to make sure the paper is stuck on really well.

5. You can then trim off any excess paper and I like to sand down the edges to make them smooth.

6. I used a blending tool and rusty hinge distress ink to ink the edges of all my pages. I like the look and it helps the chipboard edges blend in a bit better.

7. Using a doily (I found this one in my stash) I changed the color by blending the rusty hinge ink over it. I made a couple of these and used them throughout the book.

8. I Punch holes and set eyelets in the holes. then comes the fun part the decorating of the book!!!
 and add photos! I added 3.5x3.5 mats throughout the book alternating with doilies. I am going to make this one with my nature photos from the beach.

Be sure to check back every day this week for more projects featuring dollar store finds. If you aren't already I would love for you to become a follower of my blog or facebook page Brenda's Art in Nature! (see link on right side of my blog!) I will be doing a giveaway when I reach 500 google followers. And be sure to visit my Etsy shop here.

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