December 24th, New Moon in Capricorn

There is nothing in a caterpillar
 that tells you it's going to be a butterfly." B. Fuller

I woke up early this morning and took a walk around in the front yard under the was very dark and I could feel the dew in the air and on my barefeet!  What a beautiful time for the New Moon!  I was pondering this new moon in Capricorn and thinking of my wishes for this coming New Year.  So many ups and downs this year but ending on a very high note! thank you very much!!!  So right after sunrise I released 3 Monarch butterflies I found on my Milkweed that hatched this week.  I closed my eyes and lifted them out very gently and watch them fly off with my new moon wishes!  I never tire of watching them flit from one flower to even came back and landed in my hair, Lucky me!!!

Butterflies represent new life.

Perfect for this new moon the night before Christmas!!!

My good friend Marisol wrote about this December New moon on her site Shamanic soul.  She has great information for you to process and plan for this potent New Moon Capricorn energy and for the coming New Year 2012.

And whenever a New Moon arrives it’s time to start gathering your images and inspirations for your next Moon action page. Look for images of what you want to come into your life and into the New Year.

After you do the new moon, you can start preparing for the Full Wolf Moon on January 9th.
This is one of my favourite moons, the name inspired by the howling of the wolves as they seek out food in the January cold. brrrrrr!!!

As you’re gathering your images for your Moon action page, ask yourself,

 " What is my soul searching or hungry for?"

I’ve had a few people ask me about the names of the moons. The names come primarily from the long tradition of the Farmer’s Almanac and are intimately tied to the seasons and the rhythms of nature.  I love seeing how the North America Native Americans use them in stories.

I had a friend ask me to start up my Moon Action Classes again (more on that latter) so for 2012, I’ve created a schedule for you complete with all of the New Moon and Full Moon Dates, including the names of each moon.  Leave me a comment and I will send it to you...

Next Full Moon: January 9th, The Full Wolf Moon 

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