March-Full Moon tonight!

Okay so when I first heard the phrase “Full Worm Moon,” this morning on the news I was not to thrilled with the name! to say the least!   I know there is another one. But when I started to think about it, the name really does start to make since when you study the way nature works.  Up in the snow states isn't this when the crocus start sprouting???  or the daffidills start pushiing through the snow : )???   Now matter where you live the signs of spring are around if you look.

I discovered the other day here in S Florida all the bright greens are sprouting on the cypress trees! I love the colors of all the greens! the Cypress trees were brown just a few weeks ago.   I was pointing that out today!(and my favorite little flower just in time for the lepricans!!!)  And being in Virgo the planner, now is the time to start planning your life...!!! 

Just in season this March moon is when our earth, Mother nature starts to get the snow to melt, the soils start to soften a little so the seeds can start to find their way to the surface and the animals are out of hibernation, streatch out of their dens, awakening to a new world!

Now... I kind of understand it a little better.

What if we took our cue from spring and allowed ourselves to soften? What if we let what’s within us find its way to the surface? What wonderful dreams would be revealed to us?

Under this Full Worm Moon, open your awareness. Pay attention to your dreams that are wiggling their way to the surface. It is a great time to ask a few questions like...What is beginning to emerge? What wishes are asking for your attention? Make a list of what you would like to accomplish let Virgo help you with this!  She's good!!! 

Light a candle and make a wish!

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