100 things I love.

ahh Monday morning!  a little me time before the rush of the week! a cuppa coffee and watched the sunrise over the pine trees, check!

now onto my on line painting class!  I have to tell you about this one!

While browsing the artist blogs I love to visit I found our about a 6 month painting class called Painting the Goddess Within  with Sherri Ann Ponzi and some other amazing talents.  I was really intrigued in taking this class after I logged on and watched the videos and saw all the extra things they were sharing.  I signed up. )Its much easier right now for me to take an online class with Frank my husband in and out of the hospital and chemo treatments) I was looking for something to help me get through and give me focus on my goals and something just for me right now. and I can fit it in anytime durring the day! The class started on Dec 21st and I did start in January, so trying to play catch up!  but doing well so far.

I love it so far because of the other components of the class, there is painting but also meditation, Gi Gong exercises along with journal prompts and videos of the artist with instruction.  and the amazing women I am meeting on line! I love it.

I saw this on Sherri site this morning and thought it would be fun for me to do latter.
This is a little like those "let me tell you some facts you didn't know about me" types of posts. But in the case I am focusing just on things I love and things I love to do -- and I'm challenging myself to share 100 of them
100 things I love. durring the week. 

Link up above would love to see what you share!

Have a Creative Day!

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