Christmas Eve 2007

Dear friends in spirit...

The wise men followed a star to find what they were looking for. They went on blind faith and found a baby in a manger...a promise of hope a new light for a new life...

When I think of this time of year I wish the spirit of Christmas could last all year...the lights, the upbeat music, the smiles, and hugs from family and friends, sometimes we get so wrapped up in the commercialism with everyone trying for the perfect Christmas and it really is already here...its not the presents, its the love and giving thanks for the light of the new season and honoring our place in the coming new year. We have tried to cut back on things and do more together with our time. We remember the moments shared and the traditions. My husband and son just finished my present...a new front porch to sit and watch the wild bunny life in the garden. They are so full of pride and I'm glad they were able to do it together as a father/son project. My daughter has been very secretive of all her first real shopping for Christmas...spending time with her friends and making things for them...I remember making m&m cookies with my Mom and spiced pecans for my Dad... I hope to leave my children a memory or two to carry on their way...I recieved this poem from a friend the other day and I use to have it on the is written by Diane Loomans...
If I had my child to raise all over again,
I'd finger paint more, and point the finger less.
I'd do less correcting and more connectiong.
I'd take my eyes off my watch and watch with my eyes.
I would care to know less, and know to care more.
I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.
I's stop playing serious and seriously play.
I'd run through more fields and gaze at more stars.
I'd do more hugging, and less tugging.
I would be firm less often and affirm much more.
I'd build sef-esteem first and the house later.
I'd teach less about the love of power,
and more about the power of love.

I want to rediscover the joy of everyday with family and friends...this poem helped me to remember...It's a great poem for the season...smiles Brenda

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Believe in your dreams.