Dear friends in spirit above, so below...the new moon is on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008...and what a great way to start the new year. Are you ready for the new beginning in your life?
I have been cleaning and organizing at my house since October last year getting ready for this year and didn't realize it, but allot, allot of clearing from the inside out. Releasing with grace and ease situations that are not for the higher good. I feel free and lighter even though I am stepping out of my comfort zone in selling and showing my art and in leading meditation and spiritual classes. I know I planned allot of this during other new and full moons from last year and it is really rewarding to see things taking shape. ( I need to start my journal so I can keep track) Friends from the past are showing up with encouragement and great ideas for growth and some friends and situations I have had to say good-bye to with a wish of wellness for they are on another light workers path. I know of other people going through the same things and it is comforting to know its OK to let go but we also need to fill that space with what is meaningful for us and for our own transformation.
First off...the year 2008 translates into a 1 year. A time for new beginning and a year for creating the life we want. With the new moon in Capricorn and Saturn the ruler we need to concentrate on the physical manifestation and the willingness to be in step with the opportunities the universe is sharing with us and to give birth to new ideas in a form you can work with. It is a time to break out of our box...our comfort zone and really visualize to the universe what it is we want this year. (Have you read the secret? It can help you with ideas of making a vision board.) It is time for our reality check in time. Look for the new moon in your astrological chart for this house is where you are open for a new challenges. Are you ready? If you need help with your chart email me. Let's work together. I am offering spiritual life coaching with the guidence of your astrology charts, tarot readings and reiki to help you connect to your higher purpose and organize your new year.

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