The art of Personal Growth

butterlies represent new life, begingings!
ahh school has started here in South Florida and my little one is in high school this year! where does the time go...???

The start of the new school year has always been an exciting time for notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils,(and yes I love the smell of a new box of crayons...I miss buying those for my kids.) All the excitement of new adventures and making new friends.
I am very excited to be working on some new art work for my art studio and will be posting some pictures soon (getting ready for the holiday gift giving season) I hope you support your local artists!

I am also working on my Art of Self Discovery life coaching. Working with the moon phases to help you reach your goals. It is so much easier to work with the elements all around us and to go with the flow.

Are you starting a new time of life? Whether it's a new job or making the decision to get health the art of personal growth is a choice you make for yourself. How often do you dream about a better future for yourself? What does it take to create the abundant life of your dreams?
Sometimes believe it or not we can get in our own way of achieving our goals. Do you find that despite your hard work, careful planning and strong desires you are still not on your path? The first step is to discover the secret of a personal life coach.
Many athletes accomplish their goals and are on a winning team because they are guided by a coach. Why not you? YOU know you want to fulfill your destiny. To grow to your fullest potential. I urge you to gift to yourself the benefits.

I can help you to create a spiritually meaningful live. By using astrology, Tarot and a guided weekly counseling session I can encourage you into self-transformation and support you in your dreams.
When you are willing to invest the time and money in yourself please send me a note or give me a call to see if we can partner together to obtain your goals.
Brenda Nickolaus 561.262.2727

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