Roles we have played

December 17th, 2008
Taking inventory with the roles we have played

What is life all about?
What led me to where I am today?
Where am I going on this journey?
Am I on the right path?

These are just a few of the questions we tend to ask ourselves during certain stages of our lifetime. I seem to be once again at a period (usually happens at the end of the year ) when I want to evaluate what my accomplishments have been. It is a time to determine if I am happy where I am (very important for me) and if I might like to make some decisions concerning possible new directions to take.
I found a a mental exercise this week I wanted to share with you. My exercise was to take inventory of the many roles I've played throughout my lifetime (so far). So with my journal and pencil in hand I started my list and I found it to be quite an interesting trip down memory lane. I attempted to list the variety of roles I've played in my 40+ years. No order just what came to mind at first. I am sharing my own personal list (daughter, friend, photographer, wife, mother, artist, tarot reader, astrologer, student of metaphisical, personal assistant, hospital receptionist, volunteer, marketing assistant, manager, traveler,reiki master, ...) to give an example of how to go about making your own list.
Now it's your turn....
Try your best to list every role whether you believe it was significant or insignificant. Every experience we have had in our past plays a part of who we are in present. What is the purpose of this task? I believe part of doing this is to allow us some time for reflection of our past accomplishments. It sure couldn't hurt to stop a moment and give ourselves an additional pat on the back for past deeds well done. Also, reviewing the list helps us to realize certain roles that we once held important and no longer serve us. We will get a clearer understanding of why these particular roles have become a part of our past. Lastly, we may notice how some of the minor roles from our youth could have actually helped project us forward into more significant roles we were meant to play out later.

Allow yourself 2-3 days to complete your list. It is likely you are not going to remember everything right away. Even days later after you feel you had completed your inventory another memory may surface.
Let your insights from doing this project simmer a bit. Take a look at your life and see what has helped influence who you are and where you are going....

How Do You Feel About the Roles You've Played in Life?
A. My life is a fairy tale, everything has fallen into place.
B. The roles I played helpd me understand the grander scheme and give me future direction.
C. I wish I could erase some of my past roles and start over from the beginning.
D. I never really thought about my various life roles.

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