Merry Christmas

December 15th, 2008

Hello and Merry Christmas!

What a year this has been! With elections, the economy and environmental issues I hope we can become more grounded and with optimism begin our new year. The weather has turned cool here in South Florida and our Christmas tree is up and decorated with all the ornaments or should I say memories. Because as we pull out the little gems, my kids tell the stories behind each one and who it is from or when we got one to remember someone or something special that happened. It is always so fun to see their eyes light up and start ribbing each other over the past pictures (I have one for every year…) My Son has the lights on as soon as it gets dark and my daughter is putting presents under the tree. But the real fun is enjoying our time together and treasuring the little traditions that make our holiday special. What is your family tradition that you have passed on?
I hope you are having a great Christmas time
and spending time with those you love
and doing something you truly believe in.
Wishing you a blessed Holiday Season to you and yours…smiles Brenda

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