10 Affirmations for 2009

Make wishes instead of resolutions for the new year.
Light a candle and send them in the smoke to the universe
and watch them come true...

1 - Today begins the rest of my life
2 - Maybe I can - Yes, Maybe I really can make any changes I want to make in my life
3 - I Want to read Affirmations ALOUD (Out Loud) every day
4 - I Want To ACTUALLY USE Positive Affirmations Every Day This Year
5 - I'm Going To Be Positive This Year
6 - I'm Going To Enjoy Life Every Day This Year
7 - I'm Choosing To Grow and Learn
8 - I'm Choosing To Be Open and To Appreciate Goodness All Around Me
9 - I'm Choosing To Be Giving and Sharing With Others
10 - I'm Choosing To Create A Better Life For Myself and For Everyone I Know

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