January 22,2009

Winter craft fun: Snow Jar Globe

Are you having a cold day inside with nothing to do? You can teach your child about reduce/reuse/recycle by transforming a glass jar into a snowy decoration. I was looking through my Winter Craft Files and came across this snow craft that kids love to make (and me too). I remember making these when I was little and again in a day care I worked in. We had a lot of baby food jars and we were always trying to find ways to use them for crafts. I always try to teach about recycling in crafts and this is a fun one to do. I wanted to share with you a way to create your own glass menagerie with these easy-to-make snow jars.
1. Rinse a glass jar with warm, soapy water. Let dry. (I used a pickle jar)
2. On the inside of the lid, make a tiny snow-covered “mountain” with Sculpey, a modeling clay available at crafts stores. Then, affix a plastic animal or toy to the lid with a glue gun or epoxy.(I have tons of little what-nots from kids meals or nick nacks from old games)
3. Fill jar with water and 1 tsp glycerin/or mineral oil—it makes the “snow” fall more slowly.
4. Now for the sparkly fun... just add silver glitter.
5. Fasten the lid and wow!!!!—instant snow fall.

This is the only snow I will see in South Florida. My son did call me to go outside today in our 30 degree weather and look at the frost on the lawn!...He was excited to see it...there was a pretty frost on the leaves...
I hope you all are staying warm up north...and I hope you have fun making this winter wonder land. Please post your pics and leave a comment...smiles Brenda

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