Numerology for the month of February

I love numerology and I am learning more about it. I recieved this from Glinis Mcants and thought it was good timing to post for Valentines day coming up. I do use the numbers in tarot readings and of course astrology. Our birth numbers can tell us alot about ourselves and others in our lives.
February breaks down to the Number 2, and the 2 is the Number for love. No surprise that Valentine's Day falls in the Month of 2. Here is something else about Valentine's Day: The actual day breaks down to a 5 day (1+4 = 5), and the 5 is all about celebration. But, it can also be a Number of chaos and too much emotion. It is a well known fact that people can expect too much from that special day and end up depressed if things fall short.So I have to say to the men and women reading this, you can decide what kind of day it is going to be for you. If I were a man, and I were married, or dating someone, I would take her out to dinner (or make dinner for her), and be sure she gets flowers, or a lovely card telling her why you love her.For the women, I would go out of my way to do something to make my husband, or boyfriend, feel very special, and loved on that day. Use your imagination! This is a day to praise your partner and let him know that you love him. Some people take offense to Valentine's Day, because they say it is a purely a commercial holiday. Well, I think any time we find a reason to celebrate our love for one another is a good thing. So again, do something special. If you are single, get a group of friends and go out to dinner. Celebrate the love you have in your friendships. Look at this month as a way to acknowledge the love you feel for all the people in your life. And don't forget your children and co-workers. Also in the 2 month, trust your intuition; This 2 Vibration will give you special insights into what is true, and what is false. If you are in a tough situation, and that gut instinct tells you that it does not feel good, then pass. You can easily turn the month of 2 into wonderful month, so be sure to have fun!

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Lisa said...

Valentine's Day also happens to be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius... "When the Moon is in the 7th House and Jupiter aligns with Mars..." (from the musial Hair) This constellation happened back in '62 as well but with all the planets backing the south node - not so this time when all the planets are aligned the way they were back then but instead supporting the north node! This is massive! I think a larger scale humanitarian focus is appropriate for everyone on this day. Not saying we shouldn't celebrate individuals too, but perhaps in fuller awareness of how inimate relationships reflect the macrocosm of human interdependece. New, liberating models of relating in all relationships will become known to us... A time to celebrate indeed!