Full Moon's are a time of celebration of the wishes that came true the past new moon...After the full moon it is a time to release what no longer serves you. Look into your astro birth chart and see where this energy of this full moon is and look to see what it offers you. ( If you would like me to do your birthchart let me know...I need your birthday, time and place of birth....I charge $20.00 and you recieve your chart, and a reading that will help you understand yourself better, it really is amazing)

This week begins with a Full Moon in Leo, opposite Neptune, planet of romance and mystery. As the Sun also contacts Neptune on the 12th, there is a sense that this could be a very interesting week for love. On the 14th Mercury (communication) re-enters Aquarius and any projects or communications that were unexpectedly terminated in mid-January get a chance to get back on track. You may find, that you feel very differently about one individual or situation now that you have had an opportunity to mull it all over.

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