March 9th, 2009
The Full Moon this evening conjuncts Saturn in Virgo and opposes Uranus and the Sun in Pisces. Anything could happen and probably will! Watch for mystical, supernatural surprises and outbursts of pure bliss.
Full moons reveal what's been held in the subconscious. You need to pay attention to the messages in your dreams and in your meditation, and from those who cross your path during this alignment.
Angels are everywhere.
In a season of new beginnings, this Full Moon promises accelerated transformation and manifestation. Remember whatever you're putting forth with your thoughts, feelings and intentions will return many times over. Create consciously and be Open to new possibilities.
This is a time of culmination, cultivation and celebration. Explore the infinite with an open heart and snuggle up to the miraculous.
Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces –
March 10/11 - 10:38 PM EDT March 10; 3:38 AM GMT March 11
Just when we thought the energies were relaxing a bit, we get a pressure-cooker alignment like this. The Sun-Moon opposition conjuncts the Uranus-Saturn opposition in Pisces-Virgo. Goddess Venus is agitated in Aries, sign of the warrior. Expect the unexpected. Emotions and dreams could be wild. Be prepared for a less-then-gentle cosmic nudge if you're not aligned with your spiritual path and service. Mercury has moved into Pisces, facilitating communication from the Great Beyond. Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are still hanging out in Aquarius. The transition to the next astrological age is the context of this lunation.
Ideas for ritual: Light a candle. Meditate. Pray. Take a walk in the moonlight.
Drum and dance by the fire under the Full Moon.
Feast and celebrate with family and friends!

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