August Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon Ideal times for meditation and ceremony are tonight, as the waxing Moon crests to full, and tomorrow, as the energies are disseminating. Our prayers are carried on angels' wings.  

So how have you been feeling with this full moon?  I have been feeling a little over whelmed the last few weeks working with the new moon in Leo and now this full moon.  Me I feel like I want to reach out and I have so much to share and learn with everyone.....feeling if I don't share I will burst....I have many ideas for classes and workshops and paintings, and and and....I felt liked I needed some guidance and to meditate on this full moon. soooo....

I went to a drumming that a friend of mine was holding and we did a shamanic journey were we retrieved our lower chakra animals to find out how they are working with us right now with this full moon...If you have never been on a shamanic drumming it is a great way to retrieve information.  Many religious people used shamans to go into the other worlds and retrieve information for healing, where the next hunt would be successful and more.  We had some new people and explained power animals and how to journey before the drumming started. 

We get comfortable and the The drum begins to beat and your heart rate becomes one with the beat and then the journey begins.....

In my inner world I was sitting by a fire in a large circle of dark trees that glowed with my other power animal beside me and the animals came forward one by one and bowed to my power animal and took their place in the circle.

the animals that came forward for me I have had around me before but now they had a place with in the chakras and a way to communicate how to work with them for my growth.  My animals to work with were for the base chakra- the red fox was running around my feet, sacral chakra - a raccoon that curled up and went to sleep in my lap and and in my solar plexus a gigantic turtle looking me face to face, eye to eye and then shrunk to normal size.  When the drum beat brought us back to reality we all shared our stories and thoughts in the circle and realized what is going on in our lives...

It is great to share and get feed back from others that see things differently or in a way we don't or can't see.  My turn came and for me I think the fox represents movement and energy to get moving, (stop going in circles) the raccoon...well since he was so comfortable to fall asleep and all,  I probably need to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself a little more...and the turtle for me represents mother earth and connecting to her and I do teach about her in my work at the wildlife sanctuary but also to remind others to connect to her in a personal spiritual way in day to day walk in life. ( I saw a box turtle walking in my yard and a gopher tort has taken up residence)

After I left and came home to write about this in my journal, I came up with some ideas for ways to share and have fun with the universal sourse of knowledge.  I have been talking to some friends and today I have been working on a monthly creative spiritual workshop and will start in Sept.  I am working on the details and I will post soon with how you can be involved.
blessings to you all

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