The Art of Self Discovery-Intuitive Collage

Paper, Sissors, paste...I love crafting and I remember in High School we had to put together a series of collages of what we thought we were, who we wanted to be and were we thought we were going....pretty deep in those days...Wish I could find them.  It would be interesting to see what my High school self would think of me now...and how much I have grown.  Art and nature is still my passion and I still love it when I am flipping through a magazine and something catches my eye...I discovered soul collage (Seena Frost began the SoulCollage®)   book for more info) and I am now collageing for the moon phases through a class I am taking through Wise Woman University...and now I am hooked again.

 (New Moon in Leo Collage)

Collageing is a great way to see what is happening in your life right now...or you can use it to set your intentions as in a vision board...(The Secret) Putting together a collage is easy for the young and old alike. There are so many images that can be recycled into our personal works of art. All it takes is sitting down with a bunch of old magazines and choosing images, textures and colors without thinking or judging. Anything that excites or intrigues you is then glued down any which way that pleases you!

To get started I sit down on my sofa and start to flip through old magazines, I keep my mind relaxed.  I keep my breath deep and gentle as I look for anything that catches my eye. I don’t ask myself why I am drawn to images of the the pool, bandaids(?), the lion laying down... a sunflower in all the fall colors. All I know is that I love what I find.

As I lay out the paper and my fingers start to get get sticky with the glue, I get a little nervous... I start to lay down the backgrounds and then I breath and become one with the process and the collage begins to come together like pieces of a puzzle. Sunflowers bloom around a lion laying down.  Inspiring words start to connect..

My collage unfolds like a spider web, everything connected but nothing I could not have planed for intentionally. I am a perfectionist (virgo moon) and as soon as I let go of the outcome the patterns and colors start to  tell a story.

I find a warm red candle glowing in the middle, I look for small finishing details, animals, a yellow and green heart, (interesting) a red light house...(guiding light?) Finally it feels finished and I feel complete.   (Full Moon in Pisces Collage)

(I am sharing these that I did as part of my class for the new and full moon phases for Aug and into Sept. )

I put the collage up on the coffee table and I look at it throughout the day...the week. I receive insights and ideas as I do other things. I communicate with my collages and with the goddess of my higher self.  

I read them together....In the new moon collage...The lions body feels like strength and confidence. One is real and the other a drawn cartoon....there was a lot of emotional turmoil going on during the full moon and I did use the pool to release negatives for me... and as I look closer I suddenly have an answer to something I have been wondering about. One of the messages for me was..."I could act with new strength as easily as I could roar my truth and release my fears through the use of water and nature.  Setting my intentions with lighting a candle and do the action steps to move forward....the Yellow Sunflowers seem to bloom and applaud. My life suddenly feels more alive and filled with possibilities.  Yeah!!!!

So does this sound like something you would like to try?  How can you get started??????  The next time you pick up a magazine or mailer, cards (I find ideas everywhere : ) )  try looking at it with soft, relaxed eyes. What do you notice? Is it a word, a color, a shape? Cut it out, glue it down and then add more images. What does it tell you about yourself? What we notice provides clues to who we really are or what we are working on in our lives right now.  It does help us to focus on this moment.

I believe we are all creative and our souls long to find an outlet. We need the free time we had as a child to explore and just do it...remember finger paints and Play Doe???  ( I tend to use my kneading eraser to play with when I am drawing! : ) We need to reach deep into ourselves and find that little one again and invite them to come out and create.  Collage is one way to start and find "it"....Starting with Intuitive Collage let's play and use the art of self discovery.  Good luck on your journey and if you want to share I would love to see your creations and impressions...

Believe in your Dreams
                                                                                             New moon in Virgo Collage

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