Morning Sunrise

Well...Hello Oct 1st,2010...Stretch, yawn and I am up this the morning, started off with my son missing the bus at 6:30 in the off I go into town, not quite awake, but wow what a sunrise...I am not a morning person, so to be up and actually see the sunrise over towards the ocean makes me apprieciate the early wake up call and drive. Since I was already up and off today I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed for a good look at the sunrise over the ocean...and yes it is magical and beautiful...I walked down to the ocean and let my feet feel the touch of the water and the water felt delicious it was so warm and loving too..I stood there listening to the waves crash on shore and watching the the sea shell treasures wash up for me to take home and craft something wonderful...walking along...only a coiuple of people out...I feel quite at peace...the little mermaid song, under the sea,kept playing in my head!!!...I sat down in the cool sand and closed my eyes to listen to waves adn then I sat there watching the terns search for food and a lone pelican flying just past the waves. I brushed off the sand and continued my walk and I found lots of shells! Mounds of them... I never know what I will find, but today I find pieces of sand dollars..all sizes (my friend told me they represent money! Nice!!!) also what I call angel wings and some flat rocks to paint messages on or maybe turn into a totem animal or two...I loved starting my morning off this way and I thank you for sharing with me this morning. I hope this finds you all well and having a great day too.

                                            morning sunrise!  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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