Paper Plate Spider Treat Holder

I know, I know some people are afraid of you shrink back when you see them???  I think Halloween is a perfect time to introduce the importance of spiders in our gardens and get the kids involved in making this cute little paper plate spider treat holder to hang on a doorknob to give someone a special treat. This is so easy to make and so fun to share with the kids.  They can learn all about spiders and why they are good for our environment. There are billions of insects in the world and spiders help as a predator. Some of the spider webs are so intricate and they only last one night! There are allot of stories and myths on spiders to explore too.

What you'll need:
9" black paper plate
4 chenille stems *cut in half (8 legs remember)
Three 36"-long pieces of yarn
Tissue paper...I used purple
Google eyes
White acrylic paint
3" x 5" piece of orange construction paper
Things on hand...Black marker,White craft glue. Scissors

All you need to do is fold the black paper plate in half and cut along the crease. Pipe glue along the rounded edges of the two pieces of plate and cut chenille stems in half. (spiders have....8 legs!) Set aside two of the chenille stems. Bend the ends of the remaining chenille stems, about 1" at each end. Bend one to the left and the other to the right. For the remaining two chenille stems, bend one end about 1" and the other end about 2".  Hold the plates together and allow to dry.  You can use clothes pins to help hold it in place.  ( I have also stapled the sides together depending on the kids patience for the glue to dry)   Do not glue the top cut sides; this is the opening of the plate pocket.
You can get creative and paint the eyes on the paper plate or glue on the Googlies eyes, like I did...(I had some in my craft basket)...then glue eyes on the body. Your spider needs a friendly smile, so paint a cute little wiggly smile on the front of the plate using the white paint.
Using the black marker on the orange construction paper write "Happy Halloween!", "Trick or Treat"...or my favorite..."Want a bite?". Glue or tape the paper underneath the spider’s "hands" so that it appears that it is holding the sign.
Now to be able to hang your creation you need to line all three pieces of yarn up together and tie one end in a knot. Braid the strands together and knot at the other end. Open the pocket and punch a hole in the sides to pull the the braid through to work as a handle.

Fold the tissue paper and put it in the pocket and fill with candy or you can also fill it with pencils, erasers, temporary tattoos, and fun plastic spider rings and hang on some one's door for a special treat!

I hope you have fun with this one! 

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