Decorating for Fall/Autumn Wreath

With  Fall firmly here I tend to think of wreaths.  It is a great way to use natural wild materials and I usually have alot of choices on my property.  I noticed I have alot of grapevine on my property and it does tend to take now and then I need to cut them back from my flowering trees.  But so you know they do not go to waste. If you are looking for something to do with the kids this is a great way to get them outside and  let them scout out for vines and decorations for the wreath...they always find the magical good stuff!   
Crafting the wreath is easy.  I start gathering the grapevine up and I will sometimes strip the leaves from the vines, sometimes not (I like the green leaves on them) then I bend and twist the vines into a circle. I add more as I go around and the wreath tells me how big it wants to be...(I have some really cute little ones too you can decorate, add a magnet and it is ready for the fridge!)  I then secure the stems by tucking them in and around the other stems and then I can add decorations if I want...
I added some sunflowers and some ribbon to mine and used this wreath as part of my mother nature costumn for Halloween at Busch Wildlife Sancturary.  And now it is hanging on my wall!
           If you want to preserve its color, hang the wreath away from bright light and heat and enjoy!
I would love to see what you have crafted for fall! Please add your picture to the comment page!


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