41 days 'till Christmas! November 15th,2010

I know, I know many of you out there are thinking, “how can you even be thinking about Christmas?” I totally understand. I do! Really I do. I’m just finished painting my pumpkins and planning a couple of Halloween parties right now. Now it's time for the fall leaves for Thanksgiving.  But here’s the thing: I also know, from "a few" years of experience, that planning ahead is really the key to enjoying December.

So to help get myself going, I am going to be posting some great gift making ideas and time saving ideas to get us all in the holiday spirit and hopefully less stressed out...ready, set, lets get creative!

Decorated Candles are a great to keep on hand for gift giving.Teachers, coworkers and friends would love these!
You can find candle jars almost anywhere now a days. I removed the outside label and hand painted these.
All I need to do is add a ribbon and my gift is all tyed up!
Think of things you can add (stickers and other embelloshments) to add your personal flair.

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