Framed Inspirations

So how is it in your neck of the woods?  Me I am still not believing today is Dec 14th!!!  only........11 days until Santa comes!   How are you celebrating this Holiday?  I just got all the cards ready to send out with family pictures and the weather today is very cold here in south Florida so I am home finishing up some Christmas presents with shells...I can't tell it's a surprise...but I do have some for sale at my Art Studio!  With alot of people snowed in (been there) it's a great excuse to do some crafting and spend time with the family. Enjoying the snow and coming in for hot chocolate!  hmmm....To keep the kids busy an idea is to have a crafting box filled with glue, glitter(love the glitter) paper and let them make cards for all their friends and start making some thank you cards for gifts they are recieving.
My gift getting is pretty much done. I have been stashing my presents all year and you know I love to give unique handmade items.  So I have been in alot of the antiqueie stores around town and found some really cool things and my fellow art studio artists at the Village art studios has alot of home crafted things to choose from too.  I need to make some more painted totem pet rocks and work on that today too.  plus finishing up the canvas bags for our Thursday open house at the studio.  My next project for the new year are some homemade and decorated journals.  I will keep you posted.

Give a friend or family member's desk a little holiday
 flair with a beautiful nature photo in a framed quote.
This one is done with a bunny and butterfly,

I hope you remember to support the local artist in your area.  We are lucky here to have a great coop of over 6o artist with amazing talents!  .

 I have many for you to choose from that you can
adapt to fit the recipient's passions or interest.

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