My Cat Jewel

Last week started off strong with great anticipation meeting new friends, new art classes starting and getting ready for a tarot teleclass,....I had my folder and papers ready for the fun times ahead. However I have been hiding under the covers for week, because my cat, friend, companion of 14yrs passed away. Old age I guess…I had noticed the day before she was walking across my lap a thousand times for me to pet her, how bony her back was and I told her she was getting to be a frail old lady, she finally settled down and looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes.   I guess I didn't notice she was growing old  before. Her mood had been changing allot over the past couple of weeks...(looking back of course you notice more/or try to seek out a reason???) She is an inside cat but would come with me and sit on the front porch when I drank my coffee in the morning, but she wanted out allot this week and that morning she scooted out the front screen door before it closed, I went to get her and she scratched the fire out of both my arms and , and she peed on me!!! so weird of her to do that. When I was getting ready to have lunch with a friend I went to pet her on the head, she was in "her" chair and she , she was dead.
My husband was in a meeting, my kids where at school….I was so shocked that my knees buckled and hit the floor. I was so shocked... she could go that quickly. I really didn't know what to do.   I couldn't believe it for one.  I didn't want to believe it.  
Everyone was able to say good-bye and we buried her in the bushes where she would go hide and pretend to be my little panther. Wild cat that she was....not!   As I was cleaning up around my art supplies I "found" a picture of a cat memory statue and I ordered it to paint and place their too. This was the first pet for my kids to loose, that they really remember. Travis' companion in the morning before school. following him around meowing in his face and getting in front of the computer games and laying on his bookshelf. and knocking things over!  Rebeka's love, sitting in her lap, purring and sleeping with her at night. for me…well all of the above, from bringing home a truly little fur ball that fit in the palm of my hand, going through multiple moves, from cars to plane transportation and 14yrs of memories…needless to say I have been hiding in my little cave waiting for her to come back even though I know she is with me in spirit, I am still looking over my shoulder when I go outside for her to slip out and listening for her meowing welcome when I come home. My friends are all animal lovers and are very understanding, allot have lost a pet in the past 6 months. the hugs and silent support is my saving grace to get back in to the world of living.

I wanted to share. God/ess bless everyone this week in all your plans and family.

thank you for "listening"


Green Witch said...


I am so sorry for your loss...I can't imagine what you have gone through and are still going through...My cats Angus and Max are like my children, although I have a deeper attachment with Angus- I watched his birth and he's been by my side for 71/2 years. I paint cats in a similar fashion to Maud Lewis, and I would love to give you a gift, a painting of Jewel, if you'd like. You can email me at
Blessings of Peace, Sandra

Sandy Ang said...

So sorry to read about Jewel. I've always had cats and the grieving when they pass away is hard. But it's comforting to have your memories of the past 14 yrs with her. Take care