Connecting with Nature's Guidance

The way we show up for our lives today and tomorrow has an enormous affect on who we will be and what we will be experiencing years from now. If we can remain fully engaged in the day at hand, enjoying all it has to offer and putting our energy into making the most of it, we will find that we are perfectly ready and capable to handle any future when it arrives.

Brenda Nickolaus Mother Nature’s Messenger

Connecting with Nature’s Guidance for Living a Healthy, Happy, and Passionate Life

Wednesday April 20, 2011/7:30-9:00PM Cost $20

Rsvp 561.262.2727

"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination."~ Fitzhugh Dodson

I’m speaking at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. In Jupiter, Florida.  Please join me for my new lecture “Connecting with Nature’s Guidance for a Healthy, Happy, and Passionate Life”, in which I will connect you with The 3 steps to Create Anything You Choose to Have in Your Life

I. Intention

2. Action

3. Release

Who wants to live healthier and happier lives?

Who wants to know their unique gifts?

Who knows how to work with the Nature’s energies to life a Passionate Life?

I will show you amazing Moon Energy Work for positive steps you can make right now to move forward. You'll experience Mother Nature’s messages of the seasons and many differently creative and profound powerful ways to blast through blocks and create anything you choose to have in your life.

“When I stopped worrying about the how, it all just started to happen. It was magical."

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