Paper crafts and Cards

I love pretty paper....I love flowers...and all kinds of do dads and when you can put them alllll together and make something from all the bits and pieces...
well that is so magical to me!!!
I bought this whole set for .99 cents at Michaels the other day!
One way I love to unwind from my day is by making cards and other paper crafts.  I started this page to help keep me motivated to use all the supplies I've been tending to
hold on to!   and I wanted to share my creative projects. 
I have enjoyed so many art blogs and have gained alot of inspiration so will share those sites too. 
Thank you for joining me in my journey.  Visit my page and join in. I would love to see your projects as well.

1 comment:

xxxtglxxx said...

They look lovely Brenda, and what a bargain! :)

Cant wait to see what you do with them.