Goals/ 4 months until 2012!

This year, one of my biggest goals is to write in a journal every day and be more organized with my thoughts. well........I think I did pretty good this year! lol....I bought this blank book at Staples, decorated it and I haven’t missed a day yet!

In the front of the journal, I listed down some of the goals I have for this upcoming year. that way, every day when I go to journal I will have my resolutions staring me in the face, and I can check to see how I am doing.

Sometimes, our resolutions or goals, I like that better, for the year can be pretty broad. like “be healthy” or “nurture my creativity”. so after I made a pretty nice list of my general goals, I started to break them up into daily, weekly and monthly goals, using my calendar.  So when it comes to nurturing creativity, I have a daily goal to blog, a weekly goal to paint, and a monthly goal to complete a craft project and enter a photography contests.  This approach might not be for everyone, but it has been working for me.  It helps to have it on my list of things to do and I really like checking them off

Share with me, what are some of your resolutions for the rest of the year? and how do you plan on reaching them?....I would love to hear them!

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ruthie said...

Such a great idea, i set myself a very similar project this year & am so pleased i stuck to it, it has helped me achieve many goals already. Main goal for the rest of the year is to learn to find stillness within, which i am starting to do as i embark on a new e-course x