Post-It frame up

I have made a few of these framed post it note holders for the local craft fair and I have given a couple out as gifts already.   It's really a very inexpensive and a functional little gift.  Super easy, and in my opinion...super cute! I found this while blog hoping around.

What you need:  
clear frames (I bought mine at Dollar store  for, you guessed it...$1.00)
post-it's (I bought a generic pack at Wal-Mart for $1.74. Had enough in this one pack for 5 presents) scrapbook paper/embellishments (Already had these.)

I think it's pretty easy on how to do this little project, but here ya go...: )
Cut scrapbook paper to fit frame, stick post-its on the front, and attach ribbon or embellishment.

Here are some examples of how you can personalize! so many ways to go with these~!

I made a set!  little notebook covered in matching paper! so cute.

this one I hot glued some seashells to the frame!
great for anyone who loves the beach!  a great way to use up the shells from vacations too!

Love the fall colors. These I added some die cuts from the package of matching paper.

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