Seashell Ornament video

 I do believe there is a great supply of art and craft ideas using seashells. I have decorated mirrors, (for the hospital I worked at) decorative pots and many more. Here is a video of one of my seashell ornaments.
I hope you enjoy it and gather your shells and have a creative day!

I love the beach! 
I love the sun on my face, I love the sand between my toes, the waves coming on shore, the sound of the shells singing in the waves...all the animals you can see... I just saw an osprey looking for dinner!
I grew up in Florida and now being back I love my walks on the beach!  Expecially during a full moon.  Beautiful!  Whenever we went on vacation we were off to the beach and bringing back treasures from the sea.  You can see me walking along in the waves now that I am back living in Florida with my red bag picking up seashells...and I have buckets...yes buckets, baskets, bowls, pots....ect, ect,ect...of seashells...I go on walks on the beach and I always say to myself  "self, no shells today you have plenty at home"...but then I started collecting flat rocks to paint my animal totem rocks and then driftwood...Oh well I don't listen to myself very well..

   Here are some of my completed shells ornaments

Another  Beach Christmas Ornament

Fill the glass balls with sand and shells.  It's super easy and makes a perfect gift for your favorite beach lover!!!

 I am also selling these on my etsy account if you are interested in ordering.

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