A note on "family"

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. ~ Epictetus

I am a very lucky girl.

I am surrounded by people who may not be blood related to me, but are definitely my family.

My "tribe" is what I call them.

You know, the people who have your back no matter what. The people who can walk into your house at anytime of day and walk straight to that cabinet with the cups and grab themselves a glass of water. The people who you instantly think to call as soon as you hear some fabulous or tragic news. The people that you "need" who don't cause drama or unnecessary fluff in your life. I have a group of those people here in my town and those that have moved away that I can pick up the phone and call and get a sympathetic ear.             

My people. I don't need a LOT of people in my life, but I need THESE people.

Today, I wanted to thank a few of these people. If you have followed this blog for a while, you are probably familiar with my art and my positive views on things.  I try to keep to the spirit of nature and celebrate the seasons and offer guidence to those in need.

Well this summer, everything kind of came to a halt when my Husband was diaganosed and has been battling stage 4 colen cancer since April and  if you know anything about this kind of cancer, you can probably pretty much guess how this time has been. Rough. Very rough. But we have managed. My friends and family have been my support. My backbone.  I don't ask for help very much but these friends seem to know just what to do and support me in the way I need it. 

I love them and Thank you for all the support you have given me this year. We are looking forward to a wonderful New Year and filling it with many happy and magical times!!!

My wish for you in the coming year in 2012 is that you can hold your loved ones close and let them know you love them and to go out in nature,  look at all the wonder around you and have a blessed day!


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