Head outside in your own backyard!

It's springtime and with the weather so wonderful here in South Florida it's time to head outside and spend the day with the kids! I have put together a list of 50 things you can do in your own backyard! I hope one or more of these ideas will inspire you to head outdoors and spend some time out in nature.

 1. Go cloud watching

2. Build a fort

3. Climb a tree

4. Roar at the moon

5. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

6. Plant a garden

7. Create a backyard beach

8. Explore a flower

9. Run barefoot through the grass (especially wet grass)

10. Dig in the dirt

11. Watch ants

12. Camp out in your backyard

13. Tour your neighbor’s front gardens

14. Take a color walk
15. Jump in puddles

16. Go on a backyard birdwatching expedition

17. Bake mudcakes

18. Raise a caterpillar; release a butterfly

19. Build a fairy house

20. Make leaf, rock or bark rubbings

21. Start a backyard field guide

22. Create rock art

23. Gaze at the stars

24. Plant a tree from seed

25. Play with sticks

26. Build snow animals

27. Watch a sunset

28. Go butterfly watching

29. Host a backyard garden tour

30. Make a moon journal

31. Run through a pile of leaves

32. Start a seed collection

33. Paint with mud

34. Take a flower walk

35. Create a fairy garden

36. Plant a flower

37. Search for spider webs

38. Go on a backyard safari

39. Explore a tree

40. Design a backyard hiking trail

41. Create a treasure map

42. Enjoy a backyard campfire

43. Go on a bird scavenger hunt

44. Make a birdfeeder

45. Start a nature journal

46. Paint rocks

47. Create land art

48. Take a compass walk

49. Make sand angels (snow angels are nice, too)

50. Go on a backyard bug hunt

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