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On April 19, the mood will shift from the shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later mentality of Aries to calm, cool and collected Taurus. On that day, the Sun will move into Taurus, lighting up Taurus' entire positive attributes: practicality, well thought out decisions and sensuality, to name a few. Just keep in mind that the Bull represents the zodiac's most stubborn sign, so getting change to take place could be a challenge.

Two days later, on the 21st, the New Moon in Taurus will also accentuate all these traits, making this an ideal time to sow the seeds of new plans, make practical preparations, and then watch your new project take root and grow. Fortunately the Taurus Moon loves hugs, cuddling and all things sensual, so this time can be just as romantic as it is productive!

As if eager to make sure any project you start meets a successful completion, Mercury and Uranus will pop up on April 22, giving you just that "Aha!" moment you need to solve any problems that have been getting in your way. It's almost as if the Cosmos is lining up to make sure you can be just as productive and successful as possible this week!

Take advantage of all this productivity and give your career a boost!

Working on my healing practice in Reiki and with adding the zeropoint products and adding people to my team!!!  this could not have come at a better time!  I am going to a meeting with the CEO for the zeropoint on Thursday and a training day on Saturday.  Love it!
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