Create your Time for JOY

It's not surprising that so many of us suffer from stress and over-stimulation. In our technological world, as wonderful as it is, we are asked to move faster, think more quickly and multitask. We are constantly surrounded by electronics that are over stimulating our organs. In this time of "we can have it all".....We are trying to fit everything into a 24-hour day, trying to spend quality time with our families and also find time for ourselves, to relax and rest become more and more difficult. Many of us get so tied up in this race that we are unable to relax and enjoy anything at all. The end result is stress, anxiety, burnout and even depression. Does that sound like you? I know I can feel that way, expecially lately!!!

I found these 3 very simple rules can bring JOY back into your life.

1st....Slow down.  Slowing down might mean cutting a few things out of your routine that is not very meaningful for you. Maybe you could turn off the television a little earlier or spend less time in front of it. A homemade lunch in the sunshine instead of racing to the local fast food place is another great way to win back some of the nicer moments of the day.

2nd...Next, give some attention to your mealtimes and the foods you put into your body--this is my second rule of reclaiming joy. Are you cruising through the drive-through because you are too tired to go home and cook? Eating well doesn't necessarily require hours of food preparation. It can be as simple as cutting out foods with a high fat content and eating more greens salads and/or adding cut up carrots instead of chips(at least that's what I'm doing...!) You can find some good suggestions on the bookstore shelves or online.

When your body is functioning well you will feel better mentally and emotionally, too

3rd...start having fun. Set aside time for a hobby or artistic endeavor that you enjoy. I hear so many people complain that they just aren't creative, and this couldn't be more untrue. Even if you can't paint like Leonardo da Vinci or play like your favorite rock star, you can still find enjoyment in the process of making art, playing music, crafting, repairing cars or any other activity that intrigues and relaxes you.

The key is to enjoy the moment of creating, however that unfolds.

Life is too short to spend our precious moments feeling stressed and frustrated. Being happy and feeling Joy is the natural state of life. It is our birthright, and we can see it in the smiles and laughter of the children.

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