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These are one of my favorite ZeroPoint Global products. (I know I like them all!)  It's sold together and is called a Clear Set, the Intention Disc and the Sodalite Window Pendant work together to powerfully clear the energetic patterns of conscious and subconscious trauma, emotions, thoughts and beliefs within moments rather than it taking years of therapeutic processing!

•Clear Set Package  Includes 1 Sodalite Window Pendant and 1 Intention Disc.
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     Stress and outside influence cause imbalance to our mind, body and    spirit. Our internal systems that support our overall health and wellbeing can be affected. Stress is often stored in our cells and is not released causing damage to our bodies. The Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendent work together to help us release stress and bring balance to our being through the benefits ZeroPoint Energy and Blueprint Frequencies. When used together, you’ll experience the maximum benefit to the mind-body complex.

The Sodalite Window Pendant has been embedded with 66 Blueprint Frequencies that match the body and an additional 16 Higher Vibrational Blueprint Frequencies. Sodalite Window Pendant enhances spiritual growth, self-expression, communication and intuition. Get essential 24-hour protection and increased well being with the ZeroPoint Sodalite Window Pendant.
ZeroPoint Intention Disc: The Intention Disc is a disc or pendant that is infused with frequencies that match the signature frequencies of cellular groups in the human body. It can be programmed by the user with specific intentions or goals which cause the disc to align the human body in attunement with the goal or outcome that is desired.

The Intention Disc can also cause an energetic detoxification to clear extra cellular and intracellular harmful frequencies.

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