I am in harmony with all of Life

Ahhh the ending of the lazy days of Summer. All the kids are back to school and I can't believe I am now starting to get ready for the holidays! I still want to hang onto summer days...but seasons change and Life can change before we are ready!...I need to remember the seasons of nature, the seasonal circle of life and  it helps me get ready life.

During the summer, I take every chance I can to play outside.  riding bikes and walks at the beach!  Even though I work outside everyday too! I take the time to admire all of the colorful flowers, and check up on my edible garden too.  My lemon tree is loaded and looking forward to a lemonade soon! With all the bright tropical colors I look around me and see how they are all growing and how happy they look in full color. 

So  let’s celebrate all the nature around us today and let’s center ourselves to be in harmony with nature and all of life.

School has started here in S. Florida and I see my kids going off to school Travis into 11th and he is like, what--- over 6 feet! not fair when did that happen????? (no first day pics getting to old!) and my oldest lovely daughter Rebeka graduated collage and off to work, she has a full time job! 
I am really so proud of them.  They are blooming and growing just like my garden.  I have been so blessed with great children!

I can't say I don't miss the days when they where little.  Making their lunches, PTA, room mom parties and volunteering, running from one dance and soccer classes to another, sleepovers and having their friends over but there is a season for everything and they do grow up don't they?

I guess I am feeling melancholy today with the first week of school and all.  I found this meditation on Loise Hays blog and seemed to work for me:

 I am in harmony with all of Life—the sun, the moon, the winds, the rain, the earth, and the movement of the earth. The power that resettles the earth is my friend. I am at peace with the elements. Nature’s elements are my friends. I am flexible and flowing. I am always safe and secure. I know that no harm can come to me.

If there is anything you are fearful of today, find an image of something you really love: flowers, a special song, a rainbow, a beautiful place—whatever. Let that be the image you envision every time you start to feel afraid.

Let’s affirm: I am safe. It’s only change. All is well.

Ahh change.  I can hear the rumble of the thunder in the distance so I'm off to go outside and take some photos and enjoy the day!

I hope you enjoy your day!
thanks for stopping by for a visit!!!
Blessing to you all!

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