Halloween Crafts!

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That is it....Let's Party!

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Sunday, September 25th through October 31st!

I' really into bats this year for Halloween so I have been looking around for some crafts and I found this on family fun...thumb pint spider and a bat!  don't get me wrong I still love my OWLS and will be inspired to make an owl of course!

I love the little bat poem below too!
Five black bats
Ready to soar;
One stayed behind,
Now there are four.
Four black bats
Hanging from a tree;
One fell down,
Now there are three.
Three black bats
Wondering what to do;
One flew away,
Now there are two.
Two black bats
Sitting in the sun;
One fell asleep,
Leaving only one.
One lonesome bat
With no place to go,
Flew to a cave,
                                                                                                                                         bat puppets

easy halloween craft puppet Halloween Kids Crafts: Easy Finger Puppets

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