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Ahhhh with sadness I must say the season of Summer is over school... has started. Back to schedules and for me and my family we are making time for soccer practice and games and getting ready for the first fall holiday, Halloween!! My daughter and I are already getting some great crafting ideas...but I'm not going to get ahead of myself...

Today I wanted to encourage you to get outside! and go for a walk!  It's  beginning to feel like Fall even down here in S Florida.  so it is a lot more comfortable. we don't have the bright colors y'all do up north andwe do have to look a little bit harder!  but the temperature is starting to drop and it's getting darker sooner. 

With the temperature at a 70 -80 degrees, it's a great time to gather up the kids and go for a walk around your neighborhood or at your local parks. 

I loved walking with my kids when they were younger, seeing things from their point of view.   

We still get to go out to the beach or at our local parks as they get older, this is such a great time to relax and for sharing and those so important talks about....nothing and everything that can come up!

I loved taking the kids on a fall hikes when we would be collecting all the leaves they could find and come home and make a craft with them...I had a best friend send me Fall leaves from North Carolina when she would visit their property.  I Loved getting them in the mail!

We do have maple trees here and we do get a little color on the ground! There are lots of leaves on the ground right now, and I have kids bring me their "prettiest leaves ever"!  at story time!

In this hurry up world of... let's get to the next thing,
slow them down a little, point things out to them, hold up that leaf and remember when you walk with kids it's important to stop and

look at what they are seeing, too...... 

keep the pace slower ...

and they can really, Focus on what is right in front of them. 

Finding a spider web or the perfect rock! 

Everything is such a miracle through their eyes, and please remember to put the cell phone down!  Your children need your attention and want to show you all the cool things they are finding,  please take time to share with them!  It means so much more when they can share with an adult.

I hope you are out walking with a toddler, (even if you have to borrow one for the day)  it is a chance for exploring the world from their level; I hope you will you let them lead the way.  Will you let them lead the way??? 

I am starting a nature club for families wanting to get together and share experiences and have fun.  Called
Brenda's Art in Nature...Creative Tuesday's!
I am a naturalist and artist and want to share and give Mom's/caregivers a way to get outside in a comfortable setting to explore nature.

Here's the information!
Through artful play, simple art projects and the 3 R's You and your child will experience the freedom of creating while learning about nature and the seasons.

Silliness, messiness and giggles are highly encouraged and welcome!!!

Create, inspire and connect with your family in the great outdoors, all while making a memory to take home.
Classes will include an environmental awareness experience with Brenda Nickolaus known as Mother Nature, while painting and crafting with green recycled items.  each craft is designed to encourage your family to pay attention to the beauty of the small details in nature.  You and your family will share the creative process together and be able to connect with other families. 

What a better way to spend a Tuesday morning than to be together with loved ones then out in nature and celebrating the artist within???

Dates: October 9th, 23rd, November 13th and the 27th, December 11th, 2012 and into the new year!  Jan 8th.2013 Time:10-11:30
Cost: is $10.00 per adult&child per day or sign up for all 6 for $50.00($5 add participating children)

Join me Brenda Nickolaus for a creative, nature based fun-filled day.  Call today to reserve your spot and the location of our outdoor space.  at 561.262.2727

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