Becoming the Butterfly!

step one paint background

Whenever I feel over whelmed and stressed out with everyday worries
and just life in general right now,
or create something, collage, draw, etc...

I have always used Art to have fun and to escape and it helps me center.  My creativity coach, Whitney, author of the "The Artist Within" encourages us to art when we are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, etc. and connect with our Artist Within...

I love the way Art brings us back to whole-brain balanced mind frame and allows the ideas and creativity to accomplish what we need to accomplish in life

step two add a sketch
In the course of  Creativily Fit

I was given my personal symbol of the butterfly! surprise!  If you have been following me or know me at all you know I love Butterflies and they are one of my symbols!  I was told many years ago in a reading that I was here to BECOME THE BUTTERFLY. 

I forgot about it until I started Journeying and I realized after talking to Whitney Ferre last night that I am resisting becoming the butterfly!

fear, expectations, stress...

Especially even more now with my husband being sick with the C word and trying to keep it together for our family.  I took this course Creatively fit to help me focus on the future but also the right now! and to build a business to be able to offer more inspiration for others going through transitions and I'm looking for my ARTFUL TRIBE!

So the resistance is less now and after reading lesson 5 and jounaling and talking with friends, praying with friends and just being with friends!!!   I'm stepping into the symbol of the butterfly and I'm ready to fly! Next step is to add the colors...

so I will be adding my colors to finish up this part of my Creatively fit training and will post pics soon!

I hope you are able to realize your Creative life!  follow my blog to be one of the firsts to be included in my ARtful Tribe!

stay tuned for online classes coming soon! so excited!!!

sending Love and blessing Brenda

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