Eggshell Mosaic

Sping time-new growth, bunnies, babie animals, green!

Spring is in the air and that means warm weather is just around the corner.  To celebrate spring when my kids were little we would color eggs for the easter bunny!  I loved geeting them around the table and dipping the eggs in all the beautiful colors! 

Such beautiful colors and family memories!

We love hardboilded eggs and so we finished the insides pretty quick and then we used the colored shells to create a lovely eggshell mosaic picture! This is perfect as an Easter or spring craft and and I don't throw away the egg shells from other cookin projects because you can use them too!  

If you use eggs from a cooking project here is an easy way to use them creativily in a project anytime of the year!

You will need:
Egg shells, Food colouring, Paper, Glue, Pen

Easy Instructions:
Wash the egg shells really well and remove as much of the membrane as you can.

Soak the egg shells at least overnight in food colouring (the longer you leave them the deeper the colours).

Dry the egg shells on kitchen paper.

Draw your picture on a large sheet of paper.

Choose one colour of egg shells and paint all the areas that you want to be that colour with glue. Stick the broken shells on.

It's easier to repeat one colour at a time until your picture is finished

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