Moon Wisdom...Nov 6th New Moon In Scorpio

I love this time of year, the crispness in the air and the fall colors. I can still find them here in South Florida. I like to follow the seasonal cycle of autumn and take advantage of it to slow down, to retreat, and to rest.

A Scorpio new moon is on November 6th and like all new moons represents a new beginning in some part of our life.  I am learning to take advantage of the moon energies to help me grow in my life rather than fighting them and trying to do it on my own.  I like to learn about the sign, check where it is in my chart and see what I am given the opportunity to grow in.  So I wonder what is the path for me from November 6th until the next new moon on December 5th?

My Scorpio is in the cusp of the 8th I think my journey now is going to be more of an inner one and how I react to others around me. I am going to focus on all my relationships, feeling good about myself and then I will attract the best in all my relationships.

Here is a Scorpio Astrological profile summary to give you some more information on this sign and where you can work to improve in your life...The eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio, focuses its energy on seeing and understanding people’s emotions and how they interact with the surrounding world, as opposed to the prior sign, Libra, which prefers taking a more practical approach to the outside world. Scorpio, as a sign, represents Sex and Death, the starting and ending points of everything, and they choose to use their emotions to explore these ideas. Scorpios are questioning people, and like to analyze everyday problems and ideas to their very core, most of the time being helped by their instincts. Scorpio rules the eighth House: the House of Sex.Death and money...(WikiZodiak)

With Scorpio being a water sign our sensitivity, empathy, intuitive and psychic gifts will come in to focus.  If you are like me and have more interest in the inner or mystical realms, or perhaps in the artistic creative ones this could be a very creative time for us. The downside of the Scorpio new moon is we may feel overly emotional, stormy, or unclear.  So just to be aware of these energies helps us to be the calm in the storm.  (With all the holiday events coming and family dramas..I do tend to hibernate this time of year...I am highly sensitive so this makes more since to me why I tend to retreat this time of year *the bear is one of my animal totems!!!)

That being said we can use this time for a deeper understanding especially in the area of relationships and it’s always good to remember that relationships are not just about our connection with that special someone. It's about all of our relationships: to our job, community, the earth, our creativity, and especially to oneself.

With Scorpio being a strong energy right now we all  need to clear the ground so the new shoots (ideas and projects) have room to grow. Below are some questions we can  ask ourselves....

Where are the emotions, or fears that you don’t like to admit to holding you back?
What do you need to release now to make room for new relationships in these different areas?
What things are draining your energy, distracting you, weighing you down?
Where are you in debt (and don’t limit your thinking here to finances!) and how does this hold you back?

So let's use this time to get in touch with our passions and to unleash our emotional storms into a creative and artistic as well as psychological and spiritual endeavors.  There is  zero degrees here, which means there’s a strong sense of new potentials that are ready to get started in our life's so let's see what is going to happen!

Wishing you all the very best as we move into the new moon in Scorpio.

Blessings Brenda

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