A Guide to becoming Creativly Fit!

I am very excited!!!

I am finished with another creative learning journey. I have been participating in the Creatively Fit coaching experience with Whitney Ferre teacher and author of "the artist within".

The class started in January with an array of artistic asignments, Jounaling and assignments in workbook with her book the artist with in.   I am very grateful to meet all the amazing artists in my class on facebook and look forward to traveling and offering workshops all over the world. (passport in the works)  Hey a girl can dream right???
I am teaching classes now and have been adding in a little here and there what I have been learning and I can not wait to add all that I have learned to my Creative classes and book club online class and in studio!

I really loved the New experiences, the New friends and the New opportunities for growth and change! ♥

Next Painting Marathon starts March 25th.
Click here to sign up and get started.

I want to introduce you to an exciting new way that I have found to live a more inspired, fulfilled and creative life. You may know that I have just become a certified Creatively Fit Coach. The training I received has created an entirely new awareness within me of my ability to CREATE the life I truly want to live. The secret to this shift that I have experienced is that I have literally strengthened my right brain muscle with the Creatively Fit Workouts and opened up a brand new connection to my creative, spiritual, authentic side of ME!

Here is an example of how I, and many of the women I trained with, might have thought before and after our Creatively Fit Program.

Voices in your head before the Creatively Fit Program:

~I’m not creative…

~I can’t paint or draw…
~I could never do that….

~That is just the way I am….

~I wish I could…, but I could never….”

~I am not…enough.

~Why does … always make things happen…?

~I know there has got to be something more….

It is NOT that you are anything less than a powerful, inspired, intuitive, wise, bold, and creative woman, it is just that NO ONE has ever taught you HOW to think this way…until NOW!

What our clients are saying to themselves AFTER they get Creatively Fit:

~I am so excited about….

~I see so many opportunities all around me….

~I am not stuck anymore….

~I can make a difference….

~I can’t wait to….

~Everything is working out perfectly….

~Obstacles are really opportunities….


I know you want to feel excited and inspired in every area of your life!  Register here for the Creatively Fit Program.

Now, since I am a certified,
I have an opportunity to “coach”
you through this incredibly
inspiring process.

There are 3 Steps to the Creatively Fit Program. You can sign up one at a time or, save money, and sign up for all three! Once you register, I will let you know how I can help you get the most out of this experience. Just like some people hire a personal trainer to help them get physically fit, I would love to help you get Creatively Fit by providing the accountability and the one-on-one attention so that you can fully realize how powerfully creative you are.

Whitney Ferré is the founder and creator of Creatively Fit and one thing we talked about recently is the big “F” word … FEAR. We realized that unless we are engaged in something in our lives that triggers a little fear that we are not really learning, growing, or realizing our full creative selves. This is why the Creatively Fit Program is such a miracle.

The ART MAKING is exactly what most people are afraid to do (“I can’t even draw a straight line,” etc.) and is EXACTLY why this program works. As you go through the program, learning to make your mark fearlessly on paper, then canvas, you will automatically learn how to do the same in the art that is your life!

In other words, the LESS CREATIVE you feel, the better. Love it!

You know how the time seems to be flying lately? It seems like it was JUST this time last year. We are all so busy and I know many of my friends and clients feel like they are still dreaming the same dreams and sitting on the same ideas as they were last year. Nothing much has changed, even though they have been so busy.

My Nature Photos Art in the Jupiter Art Center Show.
If you join me in the Creatively Fit Program, you will FOR SURE have created some MAJOR change by this time next year—even sooner!


Because the Creatively Fit Program will introduce DIFFERENT activity and DIFFERENT ways of thinking that HAVE TO produce DIFFERENT results! If YOU don’t change, nothing else will either.

I am so excited for you!

Here is another extra bonus result of the Creatively Fit Program. It literally CREATES an open line of communication between you and spirit. You will experience increased intuition, an increase in everyday miracles & “coincidences” and you will be able to ALLOW your true passion and calling in life to FIND YOU! Because this program balances your logical, fear-based mind with your intuitive, love-based mind you will be operating at a TOTALLY NEW LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS.

It is up to you.

At Creatively Fit we like to take it one step at a time. It is simpler that way. So, if you want to take the first step to aligning with your CREATIVE spirit, click here to get started  and to join the program. You can start the first 3 week online program for as little as $75. Like I mentioned, I will let you know how I can help you once you register.

Remember, I have gone through this entire program myself and believe in it so strongly that I am reaching out to you here. YOU WILL LOVE IT! Take that first step and register here.  You will be so excited that you did!

Creatively yours, Brenda Nickolaus

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