A Little Butterfly Told Me...Be a kid make a daisy crown.

Art in Nature classes!
How I love spring, and yes, little wild Daises as well.

For me they are a symbol of kids and my childhood.

Kids need to be able to pick, smell, and gather it up to feel it in their bones/  A real connection with nature happens from touching, feeling and getting your hands dirty in nature. 

when Nature is something you are not able to touch and smell and yes, play in, it becomes nature in a box. Just another form of television.

Well I hope nobody is going tell you, “Please don't pick the daisies”.

So go out there pick some daisies and make Daisy crowns.

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Christina said...


My great-great aunt taught me this, when I was a child... And I fell in love with it. Fascinating history, too. :)

And now, I have a huge daisy tattoo!