A Walk

It's the middle of November! Thanksgiving next week???!!! Where did the summer go???  Someone told me only 5 more Tuesday's till Christmas!  I'm just not ready....

I'm sorry I have not shared much with you lately but this grief journey is one that is lonely and a must do for all of us one day unfortunately, Since my husband of 26 yrs passed away in April of this year from complications with cancer, it seems like I have been living in "just keep going mode"!

But taking time to heal and believe in the future with out him by my side is very difficult at times. I'm so grateful and happy for my children, family and friends that are keeping me focused on the here and now and the beauty all around us everyday. I have been keeping up with my photo journal and art work and will be posting more on my site.

thank you to my followers to on here and on facebook.

When I have camera in hand out on a walk I'm drawn to the Art in nature and it has always been a great stress reliever for me.  I can chase butterflies and focus on the here and now, its a active meditation, everything else falls away and I just let go of the worries... So a walk at the beach, or just around the corner is really good for me!

Walking is good and with the weather here in South Florida it's perfect time of the year, even in the rain its an adventure! I have felt a few little breaths of cool breezes!

I went for a walk at a local park here called Riverbend, down the winding paths, I thought about how Frank and I would take a walk in the evening over here; it is so peaceful, we would walk hand in hand as we often did and talk about the days ahead.  I really miss him on days like today... a little cloudy and wanting to share the day with him. 

With camera in hand I walked among huge beautiful and slightly haunting Cypress trees along the board walk.  I spotted a few leaves starting to change color and loved the look of this one curled and the light hitting it just right...  They just get me in the mood for the winter in the coming months and the Holidays... I use to look forward to them but this year will be so sad and weird and different but a necessary journey to take. 

the earth rests in the winter and I think I will take it's cue and settle in too. 

Art always helps me stay connected to my feelings and I know Frank would want me to keep it up.  He loved to look at my drawings and moon collages when I was creating beside him in the hospital.  I've been keeping notebooks full of ideas for some art classes, so I'll be curling up this winter, going into my den and awaken a new life in the spring!

Manifesting Moon Magic!
I hope you awaken your life naturally and Live your passion Artfully!

blessings to you and yours
Brenda Nickolaus

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