Celebrate Earth Day Everyday! April 22,2011

Celebrate Earth Day G.O. - Go Outside

Get out and play for Earth Day! Take advantage of warmer weather to get outside with your kids and experience and re-connect with the beauty of nature with these Earth Day traditions.

 April 22, 2011 10am- 4pm at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary 2500 Jupiter Park Dr, Jupiter, Fl

Children everywhere are sprouting into environmental stewards and are looking for ways to appreciate the nature that surrounds them. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary has partnered with G.O. get outside and with the Jane Goodall Institute's global environmental and humanitarian youth program, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots to create a list of Earth Day activities families can enjoy outdoors.

Jump! Whether you call it skipping rope or jump roping, it's a great activity to improve strength and fitness and can be performed on grass or pavement.

Retreat to the Beach Instead of driving to the beach, recreate a piece of the coast's serene atmosphere with a sandbox in the yard.

Be Farm and Garden Fresh Get to know your local farmer and enlist the kids to join you at the local farmers' markets. Better yet, plant your own garden that everyone can care for and enjoy all season long.

Let's Go Fly a Kite! Show the kids how to soar into a colorful sky with only the force of nature to power your kite. A centuries-old activity, kite flying can be enjoyed at any age—with a little wind, of course!

Give Back Gather the family for a volunteer day dedicated to beautifying the earth. Many communities have organizations that champion environmental protection and regularly organize events like stream and trail clean-ups.

Be Bubbly! Invite the neighbors to create bubble wands out of objects found around the house like straws, pipe cleaners, strawberry baskets and coat hangers. Take the kids outside and have your own bubble party!

Take a Hike Locate a nature trail near you and take the kids on a woodsy adventure. Hiking is a group activity that provides great exercise and hands-on experiences with the natural world.

Start a Kickball Game All it takes is a rubber playground ball, make-shift bases and some friends to start a kickball game.

Observe Backyard wildlife Birds are some of nature's most beautiful creatures, although they aren't easy to observe when they flutter in the sky. Hang a bird feeder and observe the birds that visit.

In celebration of Earth Day, consider what you and your family can do to incorporate outdoor and eco-friendly activities into your own routine. Walk your kids to school instead of driving. Grab sidewalk chalk and color on the driveway instead of sitting inside and using an entire package of construction paper. Turn off the television and head outside with roller skates or a ball.

It's easy -- and fun -- to green your routine.

Brenda Nickolaus Mother Nature's Messenger

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