Paper mache owl

Class is starting to come together! Moms are calling and sighing up, so excited to offer this to our community!

Here's the Scoop:  I am starting a nature club for families wanting to get together and share experiences and have fun. Called Brenda's Art in Nature...Creative Tuesday's!

I am a naturalist and artist and want to share and give Mom's/caregivers a way to get outside in a comfortable setting to explore nature.

Here's the information!

Through artful play, simple art projects and the 3 R's You and your child will experience the freedom of creating while learning about nature and the seasons.

Silliness, messiness and giggles are highly encouraged and welcome!!!

Create, inspire and connect with your family in the great outdoors, all while making a memory to take home.

Classes will include an environmental awareness experience with Brenda Nickolaus known as Mother Nature, while painting and crafting with green recycled items. each craft is designed to encourage your family to pay attention to the beauty of the small details in nature. You and your family will share the creative process together and be able to connect with other families.

What a better way to spend a Tuesday morning than to be together with loved ones then out in nature and celebrating the artist within???

Dates: October 9th, 23rd, November 13th and the 27th, December 11th, 2012 and into the new year! Jan 8th.2013


Cost: is $10.00 per adult&child per day or sign up for all 6 for $50.00($5 add participating children)

Join me Brenda Nickolaus for a creative, nature based fun-filled day. Call today to reserve your spot and the location of our outdoor space. at 561.262.2727

Owl paper mache art…
At our art studio each month we are given an art challenge to help us stretch out of our artistic box.  One of them was to use paper mache and make some art  It's kind of taken over all the artist studios! amazing works of art. so I thought I would give it a try.  Would be fun to do with the kids too!  Since my favorite animal is the owl I choose that.

1.  I used a grocery bag for the paper and a soup can as my base and was happy with the results. Small torn pieces, about 2" square, soaked generously in paper mache glue...(glue and water) were overlapped all around the can. One generous layer that dried overnight created a great foundation for gluing and painting the owl.

2. I found that a cherrios box worked well for the wings, feet, etc. The shapes were easy to cut with scissors, and the beak could split open on one end to connect firmly to the face. I brought out my trusty glue I love, I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue for all, and held them in place to set up when needed.

3. After the glue was dry, I painted the entire owl in brown acrylic paint.

4. I brushed a little red brown paint over all, just to create some highlights.

5. At this point, you can use your imagingation and you could paint any kind of details on the owl with white paint. I had a DecoColor White paint pen which allowed me to make nice thin lines. A dab of black paint finished the eyes. When dry, the entire owl was covered with glossy Mod Podge. Now I’m wondering if I could make a set of these in different sizes...Hmmmm....

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